Davis-Advertising Nowadays, many kind of company needs a great promotional campaign in order to be compete in global marketing era. Advertisement in one of the best way to create people awareness and attract public attention. Hence, Davis Advertising is established to fulfill clients needs of various advertising, either indoor and outdoor media. It is all developed by our qualified and creative crew to create an effective and efficient promotion.

Davis Advertising is established in 1987 as advertising company in Palembang. Therefore, Davis Advertising is became the biggest advertising company in Palembang. We always try to be a credible and trustworthy corporation. Our vision is to be the market leader and reliable company in our line of business. It is always improved by an effort to meet our clients satisfaction as our mission.

Davis Advertising has varied attractive media and placed on strategic spots in downtown. Recently, we are available to help you in Sumatera Selatan, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung, and Bangka Belitung. It would be very grateful if we could establish a well coorperation with you in order to enhance our services.
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